Remote work = Dream Work

Have you ever imagined starting every working day with a smile and full energy? Do you think that it is possible to be 100% concentrated the whole working time, reaching high-level results, being fully satisfied with your job and additionally have sufficient time for yourself in the late afternoon and evening? Have you dreamed of avoiding traffic jams, crowded public transport, expensive apartment rentals in big cities, sick leaves? Do you often complain about the lack of time for sports, family, friends, courses, hobbies?

There is a solution for so many expectations and life troubles. This is an amazing model of remote work. Working from home is currently a very important and on-time topic. First, all the people worked from the office. Then remote model has been implemented by digital nomads movement in IT & creative  & freelance areas. Finally, pandemic time brought lockdown. Employees started to admire the privileges of a home office. More and more companies are opening to this model. .

 I love nature. It is something so perfect, incomparable with what humans create. It is so different from rational stuff and imperfection.

The remote office was always my dream. I had the opportunity to check this way of working and I see a lot of advantages.


At the home office, you are alone in the room, you feel comfortable. There is no noise & interruptions of attention. Lack of external factors that distract, help to keep concentrated all the time and fix all attention just on work. Your time is fully dedicated to work.  On the other hand, in the office, there are several factors that put your concentration down- speaking with colleagues, external noises.


In the remote model of work, all your working minutes are dedicated to your professional tasks. There is just you and your computer. Your inner motivation makes you work with pleasure. You are not tired, because you slept longer and you avoided being on public transport. All these factors influence your results. You reach targets and your performance is much better.


Being in public transport or traffic jams early in the morning makes you tired, stressed, upset. With a remote job, you can avoid this effort. Thanks to working from home and waking up later, you do not lose so much energy. The home office is a huge win of your free time. Reaching the office is even 2–3 hours of your personal time that is lost for nothing. Imagine that you spend 30min up to 1 hour preparing yourself to go out, 30 min – 1 hour (or more) to reach the workplace, and the same time to come back. After so much effort, when you finish the work you just want to stay home and rest. 


Thanks to remote work, in the morning and after work you don’t have to use transport to reach the office. You avoid tiredness and gain time. After work, you have energy and more hours for your private life. By having more time you are a happier person. Who in the modern world does not complain of lack of time? Here arrive solution -an amazing remote model of work. The time you gained thanks to it you can dedicate to your hobby, family, sport, entertainment, meeting people, making course, home responsibilities. Probably before you didn’t have enough hours to sleep, because the day was too short to make everything that is necessary. Now by having home office it is possible.


At the home office, you are alone in the room, you feel comfortable. There is no noise & interruptions of attention. Lack of external factors that distract, help to keep concentrated all the time and fix all attention just on work. Your time is fully dedicated to work.  On the other hand, in the office, there are several factors that put your concentration down- speaking with colleagues, external noises.


As you don’t spend time on public transport you can dedicate these hours to activity and sport. A less tired person can make long walks, more exercise. As you make more sport you are healthier and fitter. Also, your social life is better – you can participate in more activities. Is it not amazing?


As you are working from home your life cost is lower. You avoid many expenses: cost of a ticket for public transport/ gasoline for the car, buying many formal clothes, meals from a restaurant close to the office. You can live in cheaper locations, not necessarily in expensive big cities. Remote employees have more money from their salary for themselves.


By being at home you can eat fresh food that you prepare during a lunch break or warm in the kitchen something that you prepared in the evening. It is easier to care for food quality and keep a healthy diet. The advantage of a home office is also avoiding going to the restaurant close to your office. It is equal to money-saving.


If you don’t have video call meetings you can work even in sports clothes and pajamas. This kind of outfit is more comfortable for long working hours than formal style clothes. Also, it is not always necessary to use makeup, so your skin rests.


Thanks to home office you gain time, concentration, better results, save money,… This makes you happy, you work with more pleasure. Happy employees, who see positive sites of his /her model of work can reach better results. An increase in life happiness is equal to more motivation to work.


Probably you want to spend some more time in another place where your permanent job is located. By having a remote job you can do it easily. Someone decided to work from the flat with a great view. The remote worker just looks for an apartment with a fast internet connection and can realize his/her dream!  Another advantage of a home office is that you can go longer to visit your family because you don’t have the rush to back to the city where is your company located. 


You want to live away from big cities, do not pay really expensive rent, or your dream is to have an amazing view from the window for the pure nature, or you plan to buy your own home/flat and you just have money to make it in “cheap” localization. Here with help comes a remote job.


By being alone at home you have more influences to organize your working day, modify it to your own professional preferences. Nobody knows better than you your professional potential and personal way of efficient work organization. At home, office employees can create their own schedule of tasks. You know which tasks from your “to-do” list are better to make in the morning, in the middle of the day, at the end of the day. At the home office, you avoid the discomfort that someone is looking at your screen, which is stressful. With less stress and pleasure, your work is better.


A remote worker is more independent in his/her work. He/her learn to be own owner of working time. A more independent person is smarter, more resourceful, makes decisions faster, and with self-confidence. Remote employees learn how to search for information & solve problems on his/her own. This makes remote workers stronger professional personalities.


All issues can be solved online.  Because of digital transformation is no necessary personal contact. Technology is developed so much. Is really easy to build strong online communication with our colleagues. You can use Skype/Teams calls and talk with someone even 30 min, 1 hour, if necessary to discuss the issues in detail &, build a professional friendship. You can use tools such as sharing screens, sending files to discuss the issues. It is exactly the same as sitting with another person in front. If you want to know someone better you can even switch cameras. There is no barrier to getting the same result via online communication, such as personal communication. 



Remote work is a dream model of working. The home office gives many advantages. You work in a quiet environment and concentrate better. Remote workers are efficient and & productive. Remote jobs model help gain free time,  avoid transport to the office. All advantages and privileges of the remote job make people happier of the company they work for, Motivation grows and they are better employees. Also, physical condition is better thanks to more time for sport, the possibility of a home diet, comfortable work conditions, avoiding get sickness by contact with other people. Money is saved by avoiding the cost of transport, clothes, restaurants. You can choose the place, where you live and even travel to another place. The remote employee is a free and happy person in a free and happy work environment.

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