Relax On the Beach in Barcelona

Lovely Sea in barcelona

The sea – this is what attracted me to Spain the most. I love the sound of water, my feet rubbing through the sea waves, the touch of soft sand, cloudless sky, pleasant warmth, sunny days, relaxation, and refreshment in the water. 

I was walking along the seaside, dipping my feet in the water. It was a nice massage for my feet. I was looking  for crashing waves and seafoam around me.

I also walked on a sidewalk surrounded by palm trees. The seaside area is full of life in the season. There are many restaurants, cafes, markets with various trinkets and souvenirs.

I was looking for funny gulls swaying to the sides, walking with their little legs, or floating above the water, reigning over their natural sea space.

This environment provided a pleasant atmosphere and joy. It allowed me to break away from routine. This climate made me want to live in a seaside town, to be able to enjoy the beauties of the beach and the sea whenever I want, and get to know the places around.

The time spent in Barcelona was full of numerous journeys around Catalonia. I wanted to get to know every seaside town, every beach, every bay. Summer became a time of intense sightseeing, trips, masses of kilometers traveled, getting on trains and buses. I walked around, getting to know, experiencing, discovering.

I was sitting on the beach. I felt like I was looking at a postcard. I love to admire the colors of the sky at sunrise and sunset. In front of me there were wonderful shades of purple and pink, the disappearing blue of the sky and sea, the dark yellow  of the sand in the shade, the view of the sky was cut by palm trees with green leaves and brown branches. It was a painting that you could hang on the wall and look at every day.

The beach is also joy and music coming from the artists who present themselves on the sidewalks. Sometimes they are people who just picked up the guitar and play on the sidewalks. Spanish seaside towns are also full of sports and physical activities. You can see many people who care about their shape, running, roller skating, skateboarding, exercising, cycling, playing volleyball. There are many nets in the sand in Barcelona.

Lying on soft sand gives a lot of pleasure, it feels like you are very close to the ground. It’s also nice to lie in calm water floating when there are no waves and it feels like the water is gently grazing the body.

Looking at the sea in Barcelona, ​​I was reminded of coastal journeys. The coves surrounded by rocks are the most beautiful. The view of the sea, sand and mountains is wonderful. The water is also much cleaner. The most I like places with crystal clear water.

Ah, this seaside reflection and recalling memories of beautiful places …

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