Barcelona’s City Centre Guide – Plaza de Cataluña

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Discover with me one of the largest and most popular cities in Spain – Barcelona, ​​located in Catalonia. A city is full of life, tourism, and joy. It is one of the most desirable travel destinations. We will get to know its wonderful places in the following articles. A few years I spent in this city allowed me to discover it every day.

Go with me on a journey through charming nooks, worth seeing places, admire with me what is worth attention. I hope you will agree that you can really fall in love in such places.

Today’s walk around Barcelona will be along its main part, which is one of the most interesting for tourists – the city center.

 I love nature. It is something so perfect, incomparable with what humans create. It is so different from rational stuff and imperfection.

Plaza de Cataluña.
The first point is Plaza de Cataluña. It is the central square in the city center.

 I remember the first time I came to Barcelona and got off the metro right there. It was one of the first places I saw. There were a lot of people walking in Plaza Catalunya. There felt a touristic cheerful mood. It was evening. The air was warm and fresh. The lights of the evening metropolis put me in a very pleasant mood.

I come from a small town and I have always dreamed of living in a big city full of life and bustle. I saw  and found this happiness in Barcelona. I had a positive experience with this city from my first visit.

Plaça de Catalunya is a large square in central Barcelona, ​​occupies 50,000 square meters. It has fountains and statues. The fountain at night is illuminated in a charming blue and pink color. It is a very pleasant, calming sight. Water droplets are falling around. There are monumental, static sculptures in the antique style, located by the fountains.  There also really nice flours around.

You can also see a lot of other sculptures in Plaza Catalunya.

Deessa to Josep Clarà. – white marble sculpture of a goddess. The squatting, thinking figure of a woman with her eyes directed into space. Spiritual and placed on the water. Behind it is the Francesc Macià monument, “Catalunya a Francesc Macià”.

Pastor de Pau, by Pablo Gargallo. – the figure of a shepherd who protects a lamb from an eagle. The man is full of strength. There is an attacking bird on his shoulder, and an innocent, scared lamb nestled in him is at his feet.

During the day, the flocks of pigeons are an interesting sight. Many people take pictures with them, feed them or run up, make the birds fly away, creating an interesting spectacle in the sky.


Plaza Catalunya is a transportation hub, with many metro lines and trains departing from there.

One of the main streets, including la Rambla and el Passeig de Gracia, depart from Plaza Catalunya.

We will come back to walking around the center of Barcelona.

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