Calm Salou

The last days in Salou were quiet

The wind stopped. Around the building where I am living, men were cleaning up pieces of broken fragments from palm trees. Then they dumped the garbage in the bin. The clouds looked like light, artistic brush strokes. The sun circle surrounded by rays, above the building that I have in front. There was a bird concert. On a calm day, the birds were also calm. They began to sing. They sat in the trees and devoted themselves to the music, flowing from their depths.

On one of those quiet evenings, I saw the beach at night. I was walking along a short part of Camino de Ronda. I stayed in a small bay – Playa del Capellans. I watched the sun go down towards the west. The sky was slowly darkening. It was still streaked with different sunset colors. Blissful silence and the tranquility that comes from being with myself. Playa del Capellans is a sandy bay, surrounded by rocks. There are residential buildings at the top.

Salou is one of the few coastal places that have bays right in the town. Most often is that you have to go outside the town and walk a bit. Salou is therefore extremely wonderful because you have such charming places in the village.

It got cloudy on Thursday. The sky was deep blue, and it was not possible to see mountains. In the air, you could feel some sensation like waiting for the rain. The rain that will clean everything around from dust and dirt, the rain that will wash away every dirty, ugly, unnatural thing. The rain that will reveal the truth of what is around. The rain will show the natural side of everything around. The rain that allows blooming, that prevents the plants from wilting, that nourishes, fills with good factors..

The pandemic continues. You can feel it in the air. It’s a certain mood that is communicating all the time. Someone, for a joke, put on a protective mask for a sculpture of a girl, sitting on a bench. City fountains also started to be renovated. I also feel that spring is coming soon and life will begin to revive.

There were more people outside –  walking and making sports. For a moment I watched a group of people dancing. They enjoyed life and their hobby. They were so lucky for themselves. I noticed also a huge amount of energy in boys playing basketball. How great it is to see groups of people enjoying life.

I bought a funny little teddy bear which only cost 1 euro. I attached it to my backpack. He will be my walking company from today. He has already sat with me this evening, looking at the water in the pool.

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