Montjuic experience

Sports hours nature walks

My dear readers, do you remember your first feelings and experiences after restrictions caused by the first wave pandemic went down? Probably firstly you were able to go out just really close to the place you live. I guess you had some favorite paths to walk. I also had my area of breathing fresh air, stretching my legs, disconnecting from the fatal lockdown. I was close to the Montjuic hill in Barcelona. It was my place to escape from the home prison.  

I was always going out at 20:00 o’clock – the hour that was permitted in Spain for my age group. When restrictions went down, going for a walk by Montjuic started to be my everyday habit. It started to be so usual an everyday task, almost the same as eating breakfast in the morning, and lunch at midday. It was a great possibility to relax during this late spring and the beginning of the summer.

Spending time on Montjuic was almost the same as being in the countryside, just with small differences – without leaving the city. It is ​​a natural space almost in the city center.  The building area is finished and begins a park and forest area. It is full of green areas. From the hill, there is an amazing view of Barcelona.

It is a perfect part of Barcelona for the walks. There is no car traffic. The air is fresh. You can spend time in nature without crowds of people. It is great to make bike rides.

Montjuic became one of the most popular places to make sport, as it is a huge green area. A lot of young people, who wanted to do physical activities in the fresh air, were going there. I have never seen Motjuic so full of people. Usually, this place is calm and empty. But in the sports hours, it was turned into a huge open space sports center. Even people who usually do not do any activities now started to be sporty dressed people. They decided to go for a walk, to run, to ride a bike. Because of the pandemic experience, many of us started to appreciate some small, usual things, such as the possibility to go out,  be surrounded by nature,  breath fresh air,  disconnect from the media.  We learned how to have a more active and healthy life. 

So many amazing things the world has, that we forgot to see. Happiness is hidden in things that are really close to us. We are just sometimes blind to see them. We prefer to run, to try to catch something that is not available. Instead of living developing in us no important frustrations is better to concentrate on things that are possible. Happiness is really close and possible to reach it. It is important to learn how to relax, how to disconnect from stress. One of the essences of life is to smile on the day you are living right now because the future is unknown..

At the beginning of the summer, it was a time of nature bloomed with wonderful greenery and flowers. I stopped all the time and I couldn’t get my eyes on the beauty that these landscapes have. So many colors.

Montjuic is also like a wonderful 360-degree viewing terrace. It has many viewpoints. You can see from there the city and the sea part. You don’t have to go to any coffee place with a view or to climb just some small specific hill. Montjuic is huge and it has many different places, so many different perspectives of seeing the city.

I wrote it inspired by an evening walk, among crickets’ concerts, aroma of flowers that are on the bushes growing on the road… Time to go back and go to sleep. I Will be waiting for tomorrow evening and the possibility to be out.

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