Sunday in Salou

This Sunday I went for a walk along the seaside

The coastal wind blew. The waves struck with great force. The choppy water was moving in all directions. The water has such a different color depending on the weather. When the air is calm, windless – it is blue and crystal clear. However, when the wind blows, it changes to dark blue or even navy blue. It is the same water, but so different. It looks like it needs peace to fully present her beauty. The external wind that throws her on all sides takes away her true charm, nature, peace, …

I was walking on the beach, the wind was blowing harder. I looked at the sand, as it swirled and moved from place to place. It is such a metaphorical purification. Some of the grains that had been covered, now are at the top. Other, contaminated grains were taken away by the wind. Things that existed but were hidden and invisible now saw the light of the day.

How to use the best Sunday – the day free from work? The good idea is to float away in the beauty of nature.

A group of pigeons is walking around me, looking curiously with their tiny bird eyes at the landscape. Palm trees move to the rhythm of the wind. They look like dancing. A cute, funny, fluffy, lonely dog ​​was walking on the beach. He was going close to the water and watched people who practice water sports. I think they were full of energy. So great is to make things with passion. The dog looked like he would like to get out of his animal skin and limitations, be free,  be able to join happy sports enthusiasts, be part of the group.

A flock of birds flew by, the clouds parted, and the sun of hope shone. The world took on colors. The landscape lit up. The wind became less strong, and the sea turned again in blue, losing dark colors. The birds flew back in the groups. They waved their little wings, playing in the air. The group takes strength from being integrated with others. The line of the mountains became more and more distinct. The clouds were small, white, like the delicate foam of coffee. The buildings surrounding the beaches turned from gray to intense white. The water became more and more transparent. I could see the stones resting on its bottom

I rediscovered myself, who really I am and how I look at the surrounding world. I see it as an artistic creation, full of beauty, that I love to discover every day. Looking inside myself and my soul, I find my desires. And my desire is to discover, create, delight, be for myself, and share beauty with others.

My dear reader, I want to teach you how to look at the world in order to get the most out of it. Our happiness depends on ourselves, how we approach given situations, how we perceive what is around us, what we develop in ourselves, what emotions we focus on. Each experience, even the very difficult ones, should teach us, not break us.

I look at the clear water flowing between the stones, which will soon flow into the sea. I got up from the seaside bench where I was writing what you are reading now. I continued walking. The sun was shining. I heard a bird singing. Such days fill me with positive feelings and hope for a better tomorrow.

I sat down by the pool with water. I saw the blue color of the water, palm trees, and the sky towering over everything. Wonderful view was in front of my eyes. Good and beauty are the most important values ​​of life. They are the way to achieve inner peace and happiness. Nowadays, we often forget about calming down, being with ourselves and our thoughts. Sometimes in life you have to stop, think, analyze, start discovering yourself and who you really are, what you want, what is missing in your life and how to achieve it. It is important to discover your passions, no realized dreams and needs in order to reach them.

Dear reader, you give me a lot of pleasure while reading this article. When I write, I express myself and give you a dose of beauty for today. When you learn to look at the world through the eyes of an explorer and start looking at wonderful things; you can start living with an everyday smile; no matter what is happening around you. I wish you all a nice weekend!

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