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Summer passed with fewer restrictions. Unfortunately, the late fall in Spain brought the second wave of the pandemic. I started to live in a small seaside town – Salou. I decide to explore this lovely place. Are you interested in how it is to live here? Let’s discover with me the wonderful sights that I have seen recently. I wanna share with you the charms of the surrounding world. Meet with me the great places in Catalonia and  Spain

Salou is a picturesque place. I really like the seaside. I love to look at the beautiful view with the mountains in the background. When you walk along the beach, you have a feeling that you are looking at a beautiful holiday postcard. I love the sun-drenched view during the day. The crystal clear blue water, soft yellow sand, and pavement with palm trees are something wonderful. The sunsets are also captivating. We see many colors in the sky. It is a game of red, yellow, orange, purple, white, blue tones; the entire color palette. I feel like I’m looking at a painting made by a famous painter.

 I love nature. It is something so perfect, incomparable with what humans create. It is so different from rational stuff and imperfection.

I love nature. It is something so perfect, incomparable with what humans create. It is so different from rational stuff and imperfection.

To concentrate surrounded by nature calms emotions and fills your soul with happiness. Nature is something you love with all your heart and its loves you. It reflects perfection. You look at it and see beauty. It fills your whole heart, captivates thoughts, calms you down, brings positive emotions. It fulfills the most sincere, most hidden desires of your spiritual needs. It allows you to disconnect from carnality and touch your feelings. When you want to change your life and become a better person, trying to calm down with nature is very helpful. Nature gives unconditional beauty. You can experience amazing moments, that are lifting you.

Knock, knock, knock winter in Salou. It is January, but real spring is here. One day I opened the window and there was a breath of fresh air with a hint of warmth and freshness. The sun started shining higher, longer and stronger each day. In my heart a hope was born for a new life after post pandemic reality, when everything would return to normality. 

During the week, I spend some time on the balcony looking at the blue sky during the day or see the starry night. I also walked along the seaside after work. I saw people who went out to relax surrounded by the seaside landscape. In Salou, in winter there are no crowds. There is a lot of space for everybody. Sometimes you can have a whole beach almost just for you. At the weekend I also went out for a walk.. The weather was more like spring no winter.

Salou has a beach with a huge space of sand. Going one direction – for Tarragona, we come across small beaches, bays, and rocks. Walking up to Cambrils, we go towards the city center. This time I was walking through the main beach – Playa Levant from the fountain Fuente Magica to the main street – Calle de Barcelona. As usual, many people were walking in the center. Restaurants and their terraces were open. The town was teeming with life.

The last few days the temperature was 20 C. It was a great experience to feel the pleasant warmth of spring on January. 


I am editing this article while sitting on the roof of the building where I live. I am now looking at little white clouds in the blue of the sky. On one side there is a view of the mountains in the background. Some time ago, when winter came to Spain, the mountains were covered with snow – they had a white cover. Now, at these high temperatures, the horizon once again had a gray and dark blue outline of the mountains.

In the candlelight with a glass of wine in my hand I wish everyone Good Night …

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