History of Love – The Little Prince and Rose

Let’s talk about the famous topic that has appeared in the book. The love and relationship.

Who loves the Little Prince and how she was?

Chapter 7 The power of love, the nature of a woman and the war against animality

In this chapter, there is a rose motif, and therefore a symbol of a woman. Rose has thorns through which she wants to defend herself. In the eyes of men, women are weak and naive. In a world where there is still so much male domination, in which girls are still perceived through the prism of the more delicate and less resistant, they have to build self-defense mechanisms. In some cases, they intentionally mask their vulnerability. They want to show their face as strong and dangerous.

Women live in a world where a lamb – an animal can destroy them, eat them. It is possible that even the defense mechanisms they create – the spikes, will not help with this. The lamb is also a symbol of innocence, which is actually a threat. It’s evil and destruction hidden under the mask of a cute, sweet, good lamb.

There is a dispute over spikes. According to the pilot, they are not good for anything and this is a sign of malice. The Little Prince, on the other hand, sees why roses make them. Both symbolic visions of a woman seen through the eyes of men, both the malicious one, which is easy to destroy and the defenseless, naive, with only apparent defense mechanisms, do not put her on a par with the male world.

There is also a difference between focusing on reality – the worry that the water is running out and the plane needs to be repaired as soon as possible, and starting a conversation through the Little Prince on topics not related to the present threat.

The conversation goes deeper. The sensitive Little Prince upset that the pilot is not listening to him, explains the importance of the matter to him bluntly. Well, it turns out that he has one unique rose on his planet, which he loves. The destruction of the rose by the lamb will cause its world to collapse. It shows the enormity of suffering when you lose a loved one.

In the book you can find a beautiful quote: “Somewhere there is my flower: But if the lamb eats the flower, it is as if all the stars had gone out. And it’s not important? ” Thus, a man devoted only to work, ignoring his partner, considering external situations unimportant, who does not care enough for a woman, may lose her.

The Little Prince criticizes the Lord, who was sitting in the accounts, he did not have a rose, he could not love. A man without love is someone who is empty, a narcissist who claims to be serious but is not really. In the opinion of the hero of the book, such a man is really no different from a mushroom.

Furthermore, the Little Prince explains that if the creation of thorns – defense mechanisms didn’t make sense, flowers wouldn’t have them. Women, therefore, remain in a constant state of war, fighting the animalization of the world. Even though they are eaten by lambs, they never stop producing spines.

“If someone loves a flower that is unique in millions and millions of planets, then looking at the stars is enough for him to be happy.” This quote mentions the enormous power and power of love. The fact that people who experience it can feel constant happiness. It also shows the uniqueness of a beloved woman – it is very valuable to find one, there is only one in a million. Not everyone can become your unique partner.

There is also the theme of protecting a woman. The pilot suggests solutions – either taming a lamb or a rose shade. So, help in the fight against external adversities, support, or building a certain type of protection for itself. The woman described in the book is still fragile and needs support because she will lose the fight. On the one hand, it is a valuable lesson in caring, but on the other hand, we see a lack of faith in its own strength and the compelling cover with a shade as a form of protection. There is no question of building her own power and strength in the male reality and the world threatened by animal nature.

The Little Prince convinces the pilot, the pilot breaks away from rational matters and begins to think about the spiritual, about love.

Chapter 8 About a beautiful, self-confident, but capricious woman

This is a further part of learning about the love story of the Little Prince and the Rose. It shows the difference between ordinary, meaningless flowers that appear in one day and disappear into oblivion. They do not stand out from the rest, they are like the others, they wither quickly. It may be a reference to bland women you meet and forget about without arousing emotions and fascination. The Little Prince’s Rose was different. The very fact of its emergence and development aroused curiosity and even fear that it could be a destructive baobab. She was developing slowly, like this exceptional woman who gets to be known slowly. For a long time, the Rose hid her beauty and nature. First, she made the Little Prince wonder what would really emerge from the unusual bud. It introduced a moment of reflection, curiosity, a secret, a desire to discover. The purpose of the rose was to seduce and show itself in its full shine. Mysterious and flirty, she finally decided to appear. How women who inspire, seduce, attract, make us wait for them.

She cared about her appearance, was confident, she was not modest. It is a symbol of a beautiful woman with confidence. It immediately made a great impression and touched the Little Prince. The Rose is also aware of her own needs and tells him what she needs. The Little Prince prepares her breakfast – a watering can. This shows a man’s reaction to a woman who knows what she wants. Rose expresses it directly, so he does not hesitate to take care of her needs, she shows concern.

The rose on the planet of the Little Prince is also a symbol of another, not so perfect version of a woman. She is capricious, complaining about imaginary things – tigers that have never been on his planet, drafts that don’t really harm plants. He demands more attention, protection, gives orders, exaggerates. To make matters worse, he manipulates, lies, does not admit her mistakes, distracts him when he makes up stories, simulates a cold by coughing. The Little Prince’s Rose, unfortunately, turns out to be quite selfish. She distracts from lying to get what she wants, arouses remorse. The Little Prince has sincere feelings and goodwill. However, he loses confidence in her beloved. Her lies make him unhappy.

There is a theme in the book of admiring and looking at roses instead of listening to them. It is shown by a certain communication pattern of men who do not listen to what women have to say. It is a problem of misunderstanding.

The rose filled the planet with its fragrance. The little prince says he couldn’t see it. This shows some of the phenomenon of not noticing the goodness of being in a relationship, the benefits, and the beauty that a woman brings to life. It is also the inability to read certain messages in a different way, e.g. a rose’s fear of tigers could make you feel rather than angry. Or maybe the rose had no evil intentions, but just wanted to say something other than the Little Prince understood. Maybe she wanted more attention?

The Little Prince book also carries a message about judging others on the basis of actions, not words. The book features a breakaway theme. The Little Prince regrets that he left his beloved rose.

The woman is shown as tender undercover and full of contradictions.

“But I was too young to know how to love her.” This sentence shows a certain phenomenon of a man’s immaturity in building an emotional relationship as well as understanding his mistakes.

Chapter 9 How Do You Break Up?

The volcanoes theme appears. Before changes in life, the Little Prince puts everything in order – cleans volcanoes. Perhaps it is tidying up your old life before starting a new one. Closing things. Volcanoes are dangerous, they can cause an eruption, the Little Prince cleans even an extinct volcano, just in case. In volcanoes, we can see the people we leave behind on the planet we are escaping from. Both the explosive and the hurtful ones need to be calmed down so that they don’t explode. Sometimes the only way is therefore to leave the planet they are on and travel to other spaces. Some people reveal their destructive power to the outside and are active volcanoes. Others are hidden volcanoes that are apparently inactive but have destructive power inside, they can exploit. The cleansing of volcanoes can also be read as cleansing the communication atmosphere.

It is also mentioned that on earth we have a hard time clearing the volcanoes, which causes us a lot of unpleasantness. It’s just the same as having conversations with the wrong people who make us uncomfortable. On the planet of the Little Prince, he is able to clean volcanoes, while on the ground it is more complicated.

In real adult life, it becomes much more difficult. We both have more complications in building communication and the ability to avoid explosive situations. Let us go a bit further in this analysis – an adult builds a being – at work and in other spheres in which he has to remain silent about certain situations and he does not always manage to master “volcanoes”.

When the little prince leaves, he feels that jobs such as cleaning volcanoes and uprooting baobabs are nice activities. When some stage of our life ends, we leave, even these difficult things do not burden us so much.

Leaving also evokes emotion, and sometimes crying. It is a natural reaction to changes in life when we do something, either for the last time, because we are going away forever, or we will be gone for a long time. It causes a kind of melancholy.

Here, too, the theme of separation and the end of the relationship appears. Rose is suffering. At first, he doesn’t want to talk to the Little Prince. Then she tries to cough, which is her guilt method. He then pleads guilty and apologizes. In the end, she wishes him luck. We can also notice such processes in real life when relationships are ended.

The Little Prince is surprised by her reaction to the breakup – no excuses, no offense. It amazes him, he does not understand the calmness with which he received this information. She lets him go without causing an argument.

The Little Prince is surprised by her reaction to the breakup – no excuses, no offense. It amazes him, he does not understand the calmness with which he received this information. She lets him go without causing an argument.

The rose professes her love for him and admits that she hid it. Shee also notices the immaturity of both of them, which has contributed to the fact that the relationship has not developed further. However, it doesn’t matter anymore. She wishes him happiness, she emphasizes that she doesn’t want to see him anymore. Such situations also appear in the lives of couples.

The breaking up also shows that the rose no longer complains about things that previously caused her complaints – drafts, tigers. She admits that she exaggerated some things. When breaking up, things that used to cause a lot of negative emotions now become irrelevant. She even finds positives – fresh air that will make her feel good, getting to know the worms that turn into butterflies and will accompany her. She no longer needs shade protection. She realizes that she can live without him and will even get better. It’s the same as a woman who ends a relationship with a man. She finds the positive aspects of living alone and sees that she can do even more alone and that nothing threatens her. And besides, it builds its spikes again, Butterflies can be a symbol of friends who fill a place in life after a split with a man.

Rose rushes the Little Prince away. She is proud, she doesn’t want him to see her cry. A rose is a symbol of a self-confident woman who shows no weakness.


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